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10 Best Pure Matcha Powder

SaleRank No. 1
DrinkMatcha Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 1 LB 100% Pure Matcha by MATCHA DNA | Nothing Added | Perfect for Lattes, Smoothies, Baking (16 Ounce)
  • DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS TEA: 16 oz Tin Can of DrinkMatcha Organic Green Tea Powder is naturally packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and EGCG's.
  • 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC - AllDrinkMatcha teas are USDA Certified Organic. Our farms have been inspected and meet the stringent USDA Organic rules and requirements.
  • LAB TESTED FOR LEAD AND HEAVY METALS: Each batch is also tested for Lead and heavy metals by third party labs to ensure purity.
  • CERTIFIED BPA-FREE PACKAGING - All DrinkMatcha Matcha tea packaging is Certified BPA-FREE. We are the only Matcha tea company to package our teas in certified BPA-Free packaging
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -DrinkMatcha stands behind every product it makes. We are confident that you will love our products and offer a 100 Percent Money Back Guarantee.
Rank No. 2
Golde Pure Matcha | 100% Pure Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder | Superfood with L-Theanine & Antioxidants | 40g
  • Our ceremonial grade matcha is made from stone-ground Japanese green tea leaves, giving you 100% of the nutrient content compared to traditionally brewed teas.
  • Boosts Focus: One teaspoon of Golde Pure Matcha has more caffeine than a shot of espresso! Japanese Matcha is a natural source of L-Theanine, which promotes serene focus and prevents jitters or caffeine crash, and is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and amino acids.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Golde's Pure Matcha green tea powder is the ultimate green superfood in its purest form: matcha, made with 100% pure, shade-grown green tea leaves from Uji, Japan
  • NO SWEETENERS: No added sugars, artificial sweeteners, stevia, or monk fruit. Sweeten to taste. Vegan and Keto friendly.
  • EASY TO USE: Pure Matcha has a rich and vibrant flavor that’s perfect for lattes, smoothies, and more. One 40g pack of Golde Pure Matcha green tea powder makes 15-20 lattes.
Rank No. 3
Pure Matcha, Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder | Japanese Origin | First Harvest
  • ✔️ Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha 30g Tin 1.1oz
  • ✔️ Pure Matcha is 100% first harvest premium Japanese green tea powder and 100% from Nishio, Japan.
  • ✔️ Metabolism - One very specific catechin found in Pure Matcha that boosts your metabolism is called the EGCG. EGCG is almost 140 times greater in matcha than in your average green tea. Matcha can help block the ability of digestive enzymes to break down fat, a step necessary for fat to enter our cells. So instead of absorbing and storing the fat, it gets passed through the body. In addition, matcha is also a natural appetite suppressant.
  • ✔️ Pure Matcha is not an instant mix. Do not attempt to stir with a spoon or the matcha will clump. A bamboo or electric whisk is recommended for preparation. A directions pamphlet is included with each tin of Pure Matcha.
Rank No. 4
Starter Matcha Pure Green Tea Powder - Culinary Grade 12oz EXP 12-31-22
  • ON-THE-GO ENERGY: Whether you need a midday pick-me-up or you just want to start your morning off right, our superfood matcha tea powder is fast-acting and provides 4-6 hours of sustained energy! It even maintains good moods and focus for long-lasting support.
  • ANTIOXIDANT BOOST: Matcha powder contains 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea, making it an effective way to bolster the immune system! By fighting free radical damage, it can also help improve the overall quality and health of your skin.
  • SUPPORT METABOLISM: Boasting the ability to increase fat oxidation by 17%, green tea matcha can naturally support weight loss! With a nutty, earthy taste, it’s a must-have when you want to give your smoothies, cakes, pastries or beverages a little extra kick.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Our green tea supplement is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality! The best part? It’s totally free of the preservatives, sweeteners and other additives found in the competing products.
  • SHOP RISK FREE: Ready to discover the endless matcha health benefits firsthand? We know you’ll love our supplement just as much as we do, but in case you don’t, orders are backed with our money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so try it today!
Rank No. 5
Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, 1 Pound (16 Ounce), Culinary Grade, First Harvest Authentic Japanese Origin, 100% Pure Matcha for Smoothies, Latte and Baking, Unflavored, Non-Irradiation
  • Micro Ingredients Organic Matcha Tea Powder, Pure Matcha Powder Green Tea, 1 Pound, Culinary Grade and First Harvest Authentic Japanese Origin, Unflavored.
  • Best Superfood - Matcha is Rich in Antioxidants and is a Great Source of Natural Energy and Mental Clarity.
  • Rich in Caffeine, Gradually Aids with Digestion, Cleansing and Contains Natural L-Theanine, Provides Good, Clean Energy.
  • Heavy Metal Tested for Safety and Non-Irradiation.
  • Powder lover? Take it naturally in powder for higher concentration, quicker absorption, easier on the stomach, and more ways to have fun!
Rank No. 6
Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - Authentic Japanese Origin - Premium Second Harvest Culinary Grade (1.06 Ounce)
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - Pure Shade-Grown Green Tea Leaf Matcha Powder - Grown Without Pesticides or Harmful Fertilizers
  • Authentic Japanese Origin - less than 1% of tea fields in Japan are certified organic for strict farming practices. We source directly from partner family farms in Uji and Kagoshima, Japan.
  • Create Amazing Matcha Tea Recipes - Culinary Grade Matcha is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to lattes, smoothies, baked goods, and other dishes
  • Healthy Superfood - matcha is rich in antioxidants and is a great source of natural energy and mental clarity
  • Love It or Your Money Back - if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of our Matcha for any reason, just email us and we'll refund your order in full, no questions asked
Rank No. 7
Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (4 Oz) - 100% Pure Matcha for Smoothies Latte and Baking Easy to Mix
  • 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea - All Natural: Vegan, Non-GMO. Gluten, Heavy metal and radiation free.
  • Mixes well in the blender or with whisks. Perfect for smoothies, lattes, protein shakes, bakings, oatmeals etc.
  • Digestion improvement - Matcha Powder's caffeine has an alkalizing effect & releases into bloodstream slowly gradually healing & cleansing the stomach.
  • Increase Metabolism - Matcha increases metabolism and Helps the bodyburn fat. Get high quality fuel for a busy day.
  • Make a Matcha Latte! Add matcha to almond or coconut milk, use a little sweetener of your choice, and get a great Matcha green tea Latte!
Rank No. 8
PureChimp Matcha Green Tea Powder - 1.75 Ounces (50g) of Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha for Baking, Lattes and Smoothies - Regular
  • Quality Ingredients - Prepare your favorite green tea beverages with this ceremonial matcha from Japan. Each jar contains 50 servings crafted with 100% matcha powder
  • Easy to Use - Making a fabulous cup of tea with this matcha tea powder is simple. Add half a teaspoon to a dash of cold water and whisk. Top with hot water or the milk of your choice
  • Fresh Taste - Our matcha not only promotes feel good energy, but also boasts a lovely, delicate green tea matcha flavor with every sip
  • Multipurpose - Whether you're up for a matcha latte, cappuccino, or smoothie, this green tea powder will help you whip up the matcha drink of your dreams
  • Thoughtful Gift - The perfect match for the matcha enthusiast in your life, this matcha latte powder makes a great present for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions
Rank No. 9
Pure Synergy Matcha Power | 2.1 oz Powder | USDA Organic | Non-GMO | Vegan | Ceremonial-Grade | Japanese
  • Certified organic, ceremonial-grade Matcha green tea powder from Japan — only 1% of Matcha in the world meets this standard
  • Promotes concentration, focus and productivity with natural L-theanine
  • Provides calm alertness and a natural, “soft” energy lift for 4+ hours — no jitters or crashes!
  • Grown exclusively for Synergy on a small, multi-generational family farm in the Mount Fuji valleys of Japan. Cold-milled using traditional ceramic stone mill for freshness and purity
  • USDA Certified Organic; Non-GMO, Vegan, Allergen-Free, Kosher
SaleRank No. 10
Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Japanese Matcha, Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder, Pure Machata Tea Powder (3.5oz)
  • 【PRODUCTION PROCESS】EFOOFAN organic matcha tea leaves are grown in the shade and then stone ground by granite mill to produces fine matcha powder. A subtle floral flavor of Japanese matcha will shine through when you taste it.
  • 【POLLUTION-FREE CULTIVATION】Farmed in an undeveloped natural valley at an altitude of 800 meters, far from cities. Uncontaminated and pesticide-free environment grows healthier tea. EFOOFAN Tea is 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC, 100% VEGETARIANISM and GREEN SIGN CERTIFIED.
  • 【WHAT'S IN THE BOX】CEREMONIAL ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER 3.5 OUNCE (100g). Resealable bag contains 50 Servings, 64mg of caffeine per serving. Budget-friendly while high quality.
  • 【NUTRITIONAL VALUE】EFOOFAN Matcha Green Tea Powder is naturally packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acid, L-Theanine, chlorophyll and EGCG's, which can help you stay healthy, energetic, concentrated, and even support weight loss.
  • 【HOW TO USE】Perfect for making matcha latte, smoothies, baked goods. Please add the appropriate amount according to your personal taste. Excessive addition will cause a slight bitter taste.
10 Best Pure Matcha Powder | Choose Best One For You

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